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The purchase of your house, plot of land, apartment, etc.

How it works:

It is permitted for inhabitants of the European Union to own a house, a plot of land, etc. in Greece. The procedure of buying is not the same as North European standard. Therefore we advise you to choose a reliable intermediary. It is also necessary to hire a lawyer who can advise you and who can do the investigation for you.

We show you our offers, (or we will search for the fitting Real Estate for you). If you have an interest in a project of ours, we will, together with our lawyer, start a first investigation.
This means that we are investigating if the project is free of debts, if it is situated inside or outside of the village boundary, if the forest commission gives their approval, etc
The next phase is the negotiation of the price, where we will assist you with. When this negotiation is finished the next procedures will follow:


To have your own property you need to have a Greek Tax-number. We will assist you to get this number.

Bank account:

You also need to have a bank account at a Greek bank. We can also assist you with this.

The signing of a pre contract (if necessary):

If the final contract can not be signed yet, it is necessary to set up a pre contract together with the notary. With the signing of this pre contract you need to make an agreed down payment. In this pre contract will also be a note when the final contract has to be signed

The lawyer:

If you buy a property you need to hire a lawyer. If you want, we can arrange our lawyer to represent you. The lawyer will start an extensive investigation of the property you want to buy. If everything is in order, the lawyer will take care, in cooperation with the notary, to prepare the final contract.

The signing of this contract will take place at the office of the notary. The final contract will be signed by the buyer and his/her lawyer, the seller and his/her lawyer and the notary.

The additional costs:

- Conveyance duty: This is 3% of the purchase price.

- Commission: Rob Real Estate charges 3,5% (excluding VAT) on a selling price up to and including € 250.000, = and 3% (excluding VAT) on a selling price above € 250.000, =.
The minimum commission is € 2.500,= (excluding VAT) per transaction.

The total of the additional costs will be approximately 12%. These costs cover the work of the lawyer and the notary, the conveyance duty and the commision for Rob Real Estate.

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